Basic Classes (Non-Members Allowed)

Computer Fundamentals provides an introduction to the computer for those who have little or no experience using a computer. Anyone in this category should take this class prior to taking Introduction to Computers. The class covers computer hardware and software, exercises using the mouse, and elementary applications.  (Word Pad).

Computer Care and Maintenance you will learn about virus protection and spyware; how to clean up files, and cookies; how to perform Disk Clean-Up and Defrag; how to physically clean the air inlet and outlet of the Central Processor, the monitor and the mouse, and more. Prerequisite: Introduction to Computers.

Introduction to Buying and Selling on eBay You will navigate through eBay by browsing sale items by category and by searching for specific items by name. You will learn how to bid on an item.  You will create a practice auction listing which will include a description and photo of a sale item as well as payment and shipping information. Note: In order to participate HANDS-ON in the selling session (session 2), the student must be willing to register with eBay during the course. This includes providing eBay with a current credit card number. Prerequisite: Introduction to Computers.  (Internet Explorer)

Recommended Classes (For Members)

Introduction To Computers introduces the new computer user to Windows, simple Word Processing, basic File Management, and Internet Explorer. You will learn how to use the Help feature, create and save documents, access existing files, create folders and understand basic navigation. Prerequisite: Computer Fundamentals Knowledge of these functions is a prerequisite for all intermediate and advanced classes beyond. It is highly recommended that Word Processing Level 1 be the next class after this one. (Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer).

Word Processing, Level 1 focuses on getting to know Word 2010 and basic formatting of documents. This class is recommended for students who have completed Introduction to Computers because it teaches techniques used in many other programs. Level 2 will teach you how to set margins, create headers and footers, edit text, insert graphics, use spell-check, and print.  Level 3 addresses more advanced formatting Prerequisite: Introduction to Computers. (It is highly recommended that Level 1 should precede any of the more advanced classes.) (Microsoft Word 2010) .

Introduction To The Internet and Email You will learn how to access the Internet and view and interact with web sites. You will also sign up for a free email account with Gmail and learn how to send and receive email messages as well as send and receive attachments to email. Prerequisite: Introduction to Computers. (Internet Explorer; Gmail)

Intermediate Level Classes (For Members)

Print Shop opens up the fun and creative world of making greeting cards, flyers, calendars and more. The course will show you how to insert and modify clip art as well as use graphics of your own design. You will learn how to bring your favorite photos into the computer to place on greeting cards, flyers, and calendars. Prerequisite: Introduction to Word Processing. (Print Shop 23)

Introduction To Spreadsheets Using Excel will teach you how to simulate a paper worksheet in which a column of descriptions are followed by columns of numbers.  Some of these columns represent data while others can be mathematically derived from those data.  This provides a convenient method for presenting such records as investments, net worth, budgets, expenses, inventories etc.  (Microsoft Excel 2007)

Introduction To Power Point introduces the student to this powerful program for creating slide shows for making presentations. These presentations might be for a wide range of subjects such as a family vacation, family history, club or church activity, business meeting, etc. The presentations can include photos, graphics and text.  (Microsoft PowerPoint 2010)

Creating A Simple Web Site You will learn to create and publish a simple website. You will be able to add text, pictures, and video to your website using an easy drag and drop interface. Hosting is provided free of charge. (

EMail With GMail Open a free Google Gmail account that is accessible from any computer with internet access.  Students will learn to compose, send, reply to and forward messages, add, open and save attachments and create a contact list.  Prerequisite:  Introduction to Computers. 

Explore Windows 7 Introduces the student to this powerful operating system.  Learn how to personalize your desktop, restore and maintain your system, manage user accounts, files and more.   Prerequisite: Introduction to Word Processing, or equivalent.  Good knowledge of computer operation is required.  (Microsoft Windows 7)

Advanced Level Classes (For Members)

Using Quicken Accounting course will introduce you to financial software.  Quicken brings all your accounts together all in one place including Checking, Savings, Credit Card and Investment accounts. In this course we will create all of the above accounts and make entries into each. We will create reports to show income by category (wages, pension, social security, etc.), expenses by category (food, clothing, auto, etc.) and investment results. (Quicken)

Introduction To Digital Imaging will present features of digital cameras and scanners; downloading of photos from digital cameras and scanners; cropping, enhancing, color correction, and repairing of photos; adding text; selecting part(s) of photos; combining photos through layering by placing the student into a photo; creating special effects; producing panoramas, making picture pages, and producing a slide show. (Adobe Photoshop Elements 10)

Introduction To Genealogy Introduces the student to this powerful operating system.  Learn how to personalize your desktop, restore and maintain your system, manage user accounts, files and more.   Prerequisite: Introduction to Word Processing, or equivalent.  Good knowledge of computer operation is required.  (Legacy Family Tree)