Medina Is Part of The National SeniorNet Organization

SeniorNet is a national, non-profit educational organization with headquarters in Fort Myers, FL. Their goal is to help set up Learning Centers across the United States and to provide detailed lesson plans for most classes. The Medina Learning Center is a part of that national organization. Our primary goal is to bring computer instruction to adults age 50 and older.

Founded in 1986, SeniorNet grew out of a research project funded by the Markle Foundation to determine how computers and telecommunications could enhance the lives of older adults. CLICK THIS LOGO TO LEARN MORE


Since 1986, we've opened up new worlds of information to more than a million people through our Learning Centers and online communities. People from across the country have benefited from SeniorNet's mission - enabling them to share and enjoy a world of wisdom through computers.

Who Funds Us

A national, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with international affiliates, SeniorNet is funded by membership dues, Learning Center fees, the altruistic donations of individuals and the generous support and sponsorship of corporations and foundations.

What Are Our Values?

  • Respect and value aging and the contributions of older adults
  • Enable older people to be more independent and continue to contribute to society
  • Share Wisdom
  • Learn
  • Build communities virtual and real with those in need (aged, underserved and veterans).
  • Encourage volunteerism
  • Catalyst for building new networks

SeniorNet promises to help guide you through the technical maze and make the computer a useful tool for use with your friends, family and the community.